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The Call to Mission - A Biblical Retreat

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Colm McKeating | Product Code: SP-02126

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Author/s: Colm McKeating

Size: 5.5 x 8.25 inches

Materials: Paper (SP-02126-800997)

No of Pages: 210

ISBN: 978-971-004-074-2

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About the Author:

COLM McKEATING is a Columban missionary who has served in the Philippines since 1968. He was first assigned to Zambales where he spent ten years in pastoral ministry. He was then appointed to his home region of Ireland to the work of student formation. This was followed by a period of study in Rome before returning to Manila in 1986. His doctoral dissertation on the Eschatology in the Aglican Sermons of John Henry Newman was published by Mellen Research University Press in 1992. Two booklets by the author, A Key to the Pastoral Letters and Season of Grace have been published by the Claretians. He also has a book on eschatology, Peace at the Last: A Christian Theology of the Last Things (2009). Colm McKeating is currently teaching systematic theology at Maryhill School of Theology.


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