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Human Solidarity

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Michael D. Moga, SJ | Product Code: SP-02179

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Author/s: Michael D. Moga, SJ

Size: 5.5 x 8 inches

Materials: Paperback (SP-02179)

No of Pages: 202

ISBN: 978-971-004-097-1

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About the Author:

FR. MICHAEL MOGA, SJ has taught philosophy for over 40 years, mainly in Mindanao. He originally wrote a dissertation on Martin Heidegger and in his books, he has sought to apply the structures of phenomenology to illumine various mysterious areas of human existence.


Human Life is fundamentally a shared type of existence. We do not live alone; we live "with" other people and things. We live lives, which echo the statement of Donne "No man is an island." We share the lives of other human beings, we share the lives of animals and plants, and we live lives that are in many ways "rooted" in the earth. The understanding of this "shared" existence is the project of this book.

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