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Going Home To The Father

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Most Rev. Renato P. Mayugba, DD and Dr. Carmen P. Mayugba Sugai, MD | Product Code: KIT-SP02750-2

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Author/s: Most Rev. Renato P. Mayugba, DD and Dr. Carmen P. Mayugba Sugai, MD

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ISBN: 978-971-004-541-9

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About the Author:

is the Bishop of the Diocese of Laoag
the grace of the priesthood on April
25, 1981, served as Rector of the
Immaculate Conception Seminary
in Vigan, Ilocos Sur for many years,
and received the grace of the episcopal ordination on
December 27, 2005.

In his pastoral life and ministry, he has had the
opportunity of visiting many sick people. These
visitations have always been very touching moments.
He felt truly blest with visiting many sick people who
were on their fnal preparation for their journey back
to the Father. He has witnessed the struggle of the sick
and their families in facing death. Recalling his own
experiences of “death in the family”prompted him to
share his refections on the subject matter and he hopes
that these may help others who have to face the reality
of death when it comes knocking, sooner or later.


MD is a psychiatrist who worked for
many years in the USA—Louisiana
and Alaska. In her work with patients,
adults, and the youth who were
depressed following the deaths
of their loved ones or were simply
going through normal grief of recent

deaths in their lives, she realized and appreciated
the inner strength and capacity of people to face the
greatest losses of their lives with a little help from
someone who understood the process of dying and
capable of leading them onto healing memories. Her
as the springboard from which the idea of writing this
book was frst conceived. Her professional experience
together with her personal experiences seemed to
have woven together an integrated view of dying from
both the psychological and the spiritual dimensions.
She humbly ofers this work to anyone willing to face
the mystery of death with faith and hope.



Have you struggled over the loss of a loved one lately? Is a loved one
getting ready to meet Sister Death? This book is a pastoral companion
for families who are going through the painful prospect of losing a loved
one or have recently lost a loved one. Death in our families are always
traumatic. We need to deal with this trauma from a Christian point of view.
This book tries to put death in a family in the context of our faith.

This book is anecdotal as the authors draw from their own experience 
of death in their family as point of departure for the exploration of what
a family can do when a loved one is about to die or has recently passed
away. It offers ways of befriending death and preparing for death in the
family even long before the inevitable event fnally comes around. This is
particularly helpful for family members who, because of various reasons,
may be away from their families for an extended length of time and may,
therefore, be likely absent when a loved one bids goodbye.

When death draws near, we are distressed and disturbed, and we
ask many questions. The authors—a bishop and a psychiatrist—offer
their pastoral and professional insights drawn from their own personal
accompaniment of persons who went through the painful experience of
accompanying loved ones pass away.This book hopes to help all of us who
have lost a loved one fnd peace and move on with our lives.


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