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A Gift of Love

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Gina Marie Alano | Product Code: KIT-SP02316

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Author/s: Gina Marie Alano

Size: 5.5 x 0.5 x 8 inches

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No of Pages: 141

ISBN: 978-971-004-170-1

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About the Author:

 GINA MARIE ALANO is a former part-time faculty member of various universities in Manila, teaching Business Administration, prior to her migration to the United States. She changed her career into nursing and then studied Creative Writing to pursue a childhood dream. Two of her short stories won in a nationwide competition at Writer’s Digest. She is also a member of International Romance Writers of America.


 In the intersection of past and present, a stability zone seems to be lacking. Much has been written and spoken about change, which is inevitable and ideally good. But not as much attention is given to adaptation to such changes and the ability to cope. Hence, we are overwhelmed by the problems today. Change is the premise, adaptation is the bridge, and stability is the milestone. But how do we get there? There is only one path—by finding God through spirituality.

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