Progress has considerably improved communication technology. At no other time in history have men and women possessed the greater ability to communicate with one another.

Unfortunately, technological progress has not resulted in a corresponding growth in spiritual values. Humanity's need for God's Word has never been greater.

In answer to this need, the Society of St. Paul strives to bring the message of Christ and his Church to men and women using modern communication expertise and technology. It is a serious and rewarding challenge—one that will be met by dedicated young men who are willing to learn and be formed.

Young men —like yourself—be an Apostle of Mass Media. Proclaim God's Word in the wilderness of/ the twenty-first century. BE A COMMUNICATOR OF CHRIST! Be a PAULINE PRIEST OR A BROTHER of Mass Media of Social Communication.

You are welcome to search with us. You may call or text (02) 895-9701 loc 420 / (02) 895-7868 / 09189402163 or e-mail the Vocation Director at the National Vocation Office Society of St. Paul, 7708 St. Paul Road, SAV, Makati City at

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