How to do the Bulk Order Transaction

1. Click “Bulk Order” link at the top-right section of ST PAULS Online Homepage.

2. For orders, click “Add to Cart” button located under each displayed product. You can order only one item at a time. The system immediately directs you to the Billing Information sheet.

3. Next  step is to check the information box as "Method" for shipping.  It is an OPTION either to PICK UP the ordered items via ST PAULS Makati Superstore or to SHIP them to their indicated shipping address. Option for PICK UP means bulk orders are free of delivery charges. Otherwise, charges apply to those who want to avail of ST PAULS Online's door-to-door delivery service.

4. In the Summary, item quantity can be adjusted via the cart’s information box displayed at the side of the ordered item. After any adjustment has been made, click 'update folder'. 

5. Check out procedure follows that of the regular online transaction process. 




1. In this page, every title is programmed to be purchased with a minimum quantity of 10 and a maximum of 50 copies.

2. Discount schemes are programmed as follows: 10% (10-15 copies) and 15% (16-50 copies).

3. Store pick up should conform to ST PAULS Superstore’s business operation hours: Monday-Saturday; 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

4. Discounts are applicable only to the total amount of purchased product and NOT to its shipping freight charges.

5. This service is programmed to receive payments via remittance centers and OTC transactions only.


For reservations via email, phone call, text messages

1. Online reservations via electronic mail, text messages and phone calls are to be processed ONLY after paying 50% of the total amount of the items to be purchased.


Payment Method: